Projects ending in 2015 were:

  • The Foundling Residency: Research residency award for artist to engage with the work and collections of the Foundling Museum
  • Practice 360: Talks programme looking at the intersection between practice and other aspects of an artist’s life

Projects in 2015 carrying into 2016 were:

  • AWP Internships: Our annual internship scheme providing funded internships at small scale arts organisations
  • Outpost:Monthly studio visits with the Artquest team
  • PEER FORUM (Now Artquest Independents): Funding for peer mentoring groups at organisations around London
  • BNC Mentors: Annual one to one mentoring for New Contemporaries exhibitors and accompanying public workshops on peer mentoring
  • Lifeboat: Studio residency award for UAL Postgraduates post university
  • The Workweek Prize: Annual prize awarded during the Art Licks weekend for innovative grass roots projects
  • Artquest Rates: Cut price access to facilities for artists at selected Artquest partner organisations
  • PRIMER: Online publication to prepare students for working life as an artist after university

One-off projects in 2015 were:

  • System Failure : A series of six talks questioning and re-imagining the systems the “Art World” runs on
  • The Source: Teaching and learning tools to assist course tutors to deliver professional development sessions for their art students
  • Artists Union England Hustings: a hustings event organised by AUE with representatives of the major UK parties to discuss their plans for artists and the arts