Annual internship programme for recent graduates from University of the Arts London in high-quality internships at some of London’s most respected small scale arts organisations. During COVID-19 / coronavirus restrictions this project has been paused: we have instead developed a hybrid internship programme.

AWP internships are aimed at new graduates from UAL who are the first in their family to attend a higher education institution, who studied at any college or course at UAL. They provide high-quality internships, paid at above the London Living Wage, in defined roles set in advance. Final year students apply for the programme before graduation, and usually take up their role in the September following the end of their course.

Due to the covid-19 / coronavirus lockdown and social distancing requirements, the AWP 2020-21 cycle has been replaced with a pilot scheme to test hybrid internships. Applications for the pilot are now open until 15 February 2021 to people who graduated from any UAL undergraduate course in 2020 who meet the eligibility criteria. Visit the AWP Hybrid Pilot Internships page for more information and to apply.

Each intern receives:

  • A paid role for 48 days over 6 months (equivalent to 2 days per week, with hours and days negotiable to the host organisation) at some of London’s most respected small scale arts organisations
  • Pay above the London Living Wage
  • Induction and orientation from their host organisation
  • Up to five days of paid annual leave
  • A review of progress halfway through their internship
  • An exit interview and evaluation
  • A reference for future job and internship opportunities.


Unpaid internships block learning opportunities for all but the most advantaged sector of society, who can afford to work for free.  The AWP Internships programme aims to level the playing field, placing UAL’s recent Outreach graduates in paid roles to ensure diversity and equality of access to jobs in the visual arts.

AWP Internships are specifically aimed at supporting new graduates under-represented in the arts who would be unable to begin a career without paid employment at the start of their career – those from low socio-economic backgrounds. Applicants must meet all of the following criteria in order to be eligible to apply. You must:

  • Be graduating from a BA course from one of UAL’s colleges finishing in the year of application. Those completing MA or other higher courses, and those who graduated in previous years, are not eligible for the AWP programme
  • Not be enrolled on any course of study during the period of the internship
  • Be a student/graduate whose primary caregivers did not attend any higher education institution
  • Have received a full maintenance grant while studying
  • Qualify as a home (UK) student. We cannot support work visa applications

Read more in our guidelines for the programme


AWP Internships usually runs 10-13 internships and we have worked with the following partners. Visit the AWP Hybrid Pilot Internships page for information on our current opportunities during COVID-19 / coronavirus restrictions and to apply.


Afterall – a research and publishing organisation responsible for the Afterall journal, the One Work book series, the Exhibition Histories book series, and Critical Readers. Afterall focuses on contemporary art and its relation to a wider artistic, theoretical and social context. The intern will earn editing experience, discuss contemporary art with Afterall’s editorial team and gain an insight into the publishing process.

Autograph’s mission is to enable the public to explore identity, representation, human rights and social justice through work produced by artists who use photography and film. Autograph’s key aim is to connect audiences with their mission through the presentation of artistic programmes in the UK and internationally. Autograph’s strategy to deliver this aim is three-fold:
• Commission new work or present existing work made by contemporary artists which speaks to our mission
• Research, display and publish work which address the subjects of identity, representation, rights and justice
• Encourage the production of new knowledge and learning about this subject matter, both alone and through collaboration with other institutions.

Flat Time House (FTHo) was the studio home of John Latham (1921-2006), recognised as one of the most significant and influential British post-war artists. In 2003, Latham declared the house a living sculpture, naming it FTHo after his theory of time, ‘Flat Time’. Until his death, Latham opened his door to anyone interested in thinking about art. It is in this spirit that Flat Time House opened in 2008 as a gallery with a programme of exhibitions and events exploring the artist’s practice, his theoretical ideas and their continued relevance. It also provides a centre for alternative learning, which includes the John Latham archive, and an artist’s residency space.

Forma Arts is one of Europe’s leading visual arts commissioning agencies and creative producers, working in col­laboration with artists, communities and partner organisations to deliver ambitious art projects for the benefit the general public. Characterised by excellence in concept and context, production values and the audience experi­ence, we exist to imagine, enable and deliver celebrated art projects by exceptional artists.


Gasworks – a contemporary art organisation based in South London, housing artists’ studios and offering a programme of exhibitions and events, artists’ residencies, international fellowships and participation projects.  The intern will work directly with Triangle Network staff on network-wide projects, such as international artists’ residencies and workshops, gaining an insight into the coordination of a dynamic global network of grass-roots arts organisations.

Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) is an evolving, radical visual arts organisation dedicated to developing an artistic programme that reflects on the social and political impact of globalisation. With the Stuart Hall Library acting as a critical and creative hub for our work, Iniva collaborates with artists, curators, researchers and cultural producers to challenge conventional notions of diversity and difference. Iniva’s aim is to engage a wide audience, particularly young people, in discourse and debate on issues surrounding the politics of race, class and gender.

Intoart is an art and design studio based in Peckham, South London working inclusively with people with learning disabilities practising as artists. For 20 years, the studio has worked with people with learning disabilities to achieve equal recognition in the world of contemporary art and design.

Intoart supports artists in furthering their practices through the provision of high quality art and design studio production facilities, an exhibitions and events programme and undertaking ambitious collaborations.

Kazzum is a participatory arts organisation supporting young people affected by trauma and adversity through unique, inclusive and multidisciplinary arts projects. Our work enables the creativity of children and young people at times in their lives when they are most isolated, vulnerable or at risk. From visual art workshops, conversation, panel discussions, family events to training opportunities in the arts, we work hard to reach young people who have limited opportunities to take part in creative activities, including young refugees, young people excluded from mainstream school, children with speech language and communication needs and within hospital settings.

New Contemporaries is the leading organisation supporting emergent art practice from the UK’s established and alternative art programmes. Since 1949 it has consistently supported contemporary visual artists to successfully transition from education into professional practice, primarily by means of an annual, nationally touring exhibition. In addition to the exposure and recognition that being selected for the New Contemporaries exhibition brings, they also provide artists with valuable professional development opportunities such as mentoring, studio bursaries, residencies, commissioning and programming opportunities with our partners. No other open submission or graduate survey provides this level of commitment to making emerging talent sustainable in the long-term.


The Showroom – a contemporary art space focused on a collaborative and process-driven approach to the production of artwork, exhibitions, discussions, publications, knowledge and relationships. It is committed to supporting artists who have not previously had significant exposure in London. The Showroom’s groundbreaking approach fosters experimental art practice, reflects upon everyday life through engagement with the local community and advocates for international transdisciplinary forms of art and education.


The AWP Internship programme is funded by UAL’s Outreach programme, which encourages students who are the first generation attending HE in their families or from low socio-economic backgrounds to go to higher education.  It works with schools and FE colleges across London, with around 97% of young people coming through the programme going on to attend an HE course, and around 30% coming to UAL. The programme is funded in proportion to new, higher HE fees paid to UAL – the more full-fee paying students attending UAL, the larger the budget to work with Outreach programme students.