Q. What do you mean by ‘visual artist working in any medium’?

A. We mean all the main traditional media of the visual arts: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking etc – as well as artist moving image work (digital, online, film, video etc), performance and live art, installation, sound art, and also text and book arts, including comics. We also accept applications from crafts practitioners / makers, artists working in new media and online, socially engaged practice, interdisciplinary arts or any combination of the above.

Q. What do we mean by London based?

A. We appreciate that working as an artist means you may live in one place and work in others. To qualify as London-based you need to have a correspondence address with a London postcode (this could be your home address, a studio address or other work address), or spend at least half the week working on projects in London at the time of making your application. There is a minimum time commitment for the residency to be in the museum working with its collections and staff, and no specific travel budget, making this criteria unavoidable.

Q. What do we mean by ‘have been practicing as an artist outside of university study for at least 5 years’?

You must have had a minimum of five years professional practice as an artist since your first higher education course. You could have completed a BA and/or MA five years ago, or may have had a gap of some years between your BA and a more recently graduated MA: but you must have a total of five years where you were practicing as an artist outside of an educational institution. The period before a higher education course does not count for these purposes.

You may not have completed any higher education course at all, and be entirely self-taught as an artist – as long as you have been practising professionally for a minimum of five years, you can still apply.

If you still have questions about the application procedure, or are unable to complete the online form and would like to apply by an alternative method, email Nick Kaplony by Friday 22 July: Artquest is run by a small team of part time staff so we will not be able to respond to last minute queries in time for the application deadline.