Deadline: 1630886400


New Contemporaries have announced that applications for their new pilot project New Contemporaries Digital Fellowships (NCDF) are now open. This digital commissioning, learning and mentoring opportunity for emerging and early career NC artists is developed in partnership with Artquest, Furtherfield and Lux. NCDF will offer 10 x artists (who have participated in New Contemporaries between 2016 and 2021 inclusive) practical skills and advice to help produce and distribute work digitally through mentoring, workshops, talks, crits, networking opportunities and financial assistance. Each artist will be offered £2,000 as a fee and for production costs to produce work to be presented on NC’s digital channels. The NCDF programme will be delivered remotely between Nov 2021-April 2022. Mentoring sessions will be arranged with the assigned mentor. All of the participants will come together online once a month for the crit, talks, workshops and networking sessions. Applications are particularly welcomed from artists who identify as being Black, Asian or ethnically diverse, LGBTQ+ or as having disabilities, along with other socio-economic groups who may have not had access to similar opportunities.