Deadline: 1643241600


Applications for a second tranche of MediaFutures awards for artists to create work around misinformation, technology and data, are now open. Standalone artists, creatives, or collectives proposing an innovative artwork concept and production process are invited to apply. The focus will be on data relevant to the media value chain, including social media. Artists are funded with up to €30,000. Teams consisting of a startup and an individual artist or artistic company, collaboratively developing a new concept of data technology and the arts, are also invited to apply. Funded with up to €80,000 per startup and €40,000 per artist.

Applications are being encouraged from those groups who are not as well-represented in the art and start-up worlds, or face additional barriers to entry, including those from ethnic minorities, women and non-binary individuals, the LGBTQ+ community, those with disabilities and those in lower-middle income countries.