Deadline: 1605398400


The GENDERhouse#2 Queer Arts Festival is open for applications for full length performance works that either tackle themes of gender, sexuality or identity or that defy traditions, queer the boarders of what performance is and can be, or have an artistic expression that stands out from the “artistic usual or genre normative”. If your works are successfully chosen for presentation at the festival, travel, and accommodation costs will be covered. In addition to this an artistic fee will be offered, specific to each artist or company which will be calculated depending on: length of performance, numbers of people on the team, and how many nights your are selected to present. To apply you must be a resident of Europe, the length of the submitted work must be between 20 minutes and 1.5 hours, you must not be a current student and your work must be queer in some shape or form: either by directly tackling themes of gender, sexuality or identity or by queering a genre or form in a refreshing and unusual way.