To help schedule your sessions in advance it’s useful to decide how long your peer mentoring group will commit to meeting regularly. A commitment of 6 – 12 months if structured correctly could give a group of 10 – 15 members the opportunity to present at least twice over this period.

Peer Mentoring session at The Photographers' Gallery
Peer mentoring session at The Photographers’ Gallery

It’s important to balance meeting often enough to maintain momentum, but not so frequently that it becomes an unrealistic time demand for members. Approximately once a month is usually a good balance but get a sense of what works from the artists involved. Meeting more often (such as weekly or fortnightly) will require a more intensive burst of work than meeting less often (such as monthly).

At your first planning meeting, decide on a regular date and time when for sessions when people don’t have ongoing commitments (e.g. the same day every month every month). If participants know this is a regular occurrence for the next 6 – 12 months they can plan around it and prioritise the  meetings as much as possible.

Remember one of the biggest challenges to scheduling a peer mentoring group is getting consensus on dates and times for meetings to take place. It’s important to recognise is not everyone will be able to attend every meeting and this is completely fine.