If you are owed a small amount of money you have two choices, you must either persuade who owes you money to do so amicably, or you must take court action.

As the sum is small, an option would be to use HM Court Service’s “Money Claims Online“, which as the name suggests can be made online, following the procedure set out in this downloadable pdf.
You will need to pay a small fee to the Court, this amount will depend on the amount you are trying to recoup.
For any court action you first need to have tried to resolve the dispute, either yourself or through the Small Claim Mediation Service.

Artquest free legal service always suggests to first write to the person/business owing you money, stating that as they have not responded to your previous requests, you are aware that you can make a court claim for the money owed and that it will include an additional payment for interest.
To avoid court action the debtor should make payment within 3 working days directly in your  bank account (or whatever method you would like to received the amount owed) and if they have not paid by then you will have no option other than to make court claim.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau provide information about going to court, and the Judiciary provide information to litigants in person.

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